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You have a mustache!

A month ago, our daughter and her family left for Northern Asia.  It was sad to see her go, but when she insisted on taking her four amazing and funny children with her, well that was just grandparent cruelty. We love and miss all our grandkids, but our daughter's third child, kept us laughing with his funny 3-year old view of the world.  This little man has been struggling recently with telling the truth.   A few days before they left our house to begin their long journey to Asia, a black marker-goatee with a full mustache suddenly appeared on our little guy's face. (The photo is a reenactment of the actual event.)   This boy! His mom asked him, "Who drew that mustache on your face?" And his reply was. "I don't know." When the story was retold to me, I laughed out loud seeing it was his face.  Still, he stuck to his story after being questioned a number of times. There was so much going on in the packing process that our bearded-boy esc

The Little Things

In marriage, it's  the little things that remind us more than the big gestures that love is alive and well.  It might be coffee in bed, pants that make it all the way to the laundry basket, dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink, watching TV with the one you love and giving them full control of the remote, or even the occasional meal out.  It can be this type of little stuff that gets our attention. (Actual note from one of our grandson's  classmates following a minor surgery he had.) About a month ago, I had a  little things kinda week with the Lord.  It was a reminder that He sees.  He knows.  He cares.   The little things that impacted my life  that week  may seem inconsequential to some but not me.  I noticed the food that was provided.   I noticed the lost package that was found.   I noticed the note that was discovered in my grandson's backpack. God specializes in the business of "The Little Things."  In John 6:9, I'm sure no

Lead Me

Three weeks ago, 1-year old grandson s were staying at our house. (Yes, I said that correctly.  There were two new walkers at our house.) It was a delight to watch these little guys play side by side in the house.  They were completely occupied  with whatever toys surrounded them. That was, until the glass sliding door opened to the great outdoors.  When this happened, both boys ran to the door.   They were filled with wonder at the world outside the safety of Grandma's house. At least once a day, I'd try to take them for short walks around the backyard.  As we walked, I'd hold out one finger on each of my hands and inevitably both boys would latch on to that finger.  This allowed me to lead them. To these little guys, my finger represented safety, and their act of latching on showed their trust.   Occasionally, one or both would break loose and try to go their own way (usually right for danger).  I'd hurry to their sides and hold my finger out again.  I

A Promise is a Promise

There isn't a parent alive that hasn't heard the phrase...  "But you promised!" least once. I know I have from my kids, grandkids, and even from adults in my life.  Sometimes promises are just  dog-gone  hard to keep.  Time management can get in the way, as well as, one’s personal finances.  How many vacations to Disney have you planned and canceled? One of my personal favorite  promise-breaking  excuses is, "I'm too tired." Any of these excuses will usually bring the prompt reply, "But you promised!"   I hope you read that with a 'hint of whine' because it was implied. Yes, that all too familiar phrase,  A Promise is a Promise,  is hard for we mere mortals to live by.  It is our nature to be promise breakers.  But not God.  In 2 Corinthians 1:20 (NIV) it says,  " For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so, through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God."