Love One Another

The best communication is clear and uncomplicated.  I don't care for all the frills and fluff that can get in the way of the message when things get too wordy.  

Are you familiar with this acronym?  


It sums up how I feel about most things in life.  Why make it harder than it needs to be?

That's why I love this verse from 1 John 3:11 (TLB).  It's simple and easy to understand yet communicates a message that many Christians struggle with.

For the message to us from the beginning has been 

that we should love one another.

The idea that we should love one another is a simple, uncomplicated command, yet when someone we should be loving upsets or offends us, how quickly do we take our eyes off the Lord and handle things in a way that is anything but love. 


If you have failed in loving one another, you're not alone.

  • The brothers of Joseph took their eyes of God and allowed jealousy to rob them of brotherly love.
  • Esau took his eyes off God and gave away his birthright for a bowl of soup.  Then resented his brother for his own poor choices.
  • David took his eyes off God and allowed his flesh to rule his heart.  His bad choices and attempts to cover up his sin led to taking another man’s life. 
  • Peter took his eye off God and, in fear, denied he ever knew Jesus.

I wonder if we choose to say this one simple phrase before taking action if our lives would be better for it.  

...we should love one another.

I think, yes.  

Yes, they would.






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