"Left in the Dark"

I want to run and hide when someone says, "Have you heard this joke?"

If the joke is at all complicated, the humor will be lost on me.   Then I'll have to fake laugh to not hurt the person's feelings.

There's a phrase that comes to mind when this happens.  It's "left in the dark." 

When I'm the one left in the dark, it's not fun and especially not when those who may try to explain something to me are a little bit condescending.  You know who you are!

It's interesting that only a few days before Christmas, in our area, it's the darkest day of the year.  But Christmas is coming, and with it comes the light.  In John 1:4-5, this verse says...

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men

And the light shines in the darkness

and the darkness did not comprehend it. 

Every Christmas, the whole world celebrates the birth of Jesus, the light of man that came into the world.  All humanity does not look at this day as a celebration of the birth of Christ.

Still, as brightly as this Light shines, people still miss the opportunity to be in the Light, and they remain in darkness.

The whole world sees the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the presents wrapped in colorful paper, the amazing food laid out on the table, yet they are left in the dark when it comes to the best Gift of all.  

It's obvious that Christmas is all about Jesus, but still, mankind is left in the dark.  They don't comprehend the Light. 

As you celebrate this Christmas, make room for your Light to Shine in the darkness and patiently help those who don't comprehend the Light.  

We don't want anyone "Left in the Dark."

Not on our watch!



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