To Everyone:

Tax exemptions are awesome.


I remember when we had three children at home, and we qualified for lots of deductions.  That's when I’d do a good ol’ happy dance when the tax returns came.  

At tax perpetration time, I would search for anything that I was allowed to declare that would benefit me and give me some extra money in the income tax return. 


There is a feeling of euphoria when I’d find a great exemption.   Which meant that I was exempt, but others were not. They have to pay, but not me. 

Sometimes that same ‘tax exemption’ superiority crosses over into bad behavior.  In life sometimes I want to get a ‘tax exemption’ on my bad behavior while holding you to a different standard.  

Here’s the bottom line, God’s word applies equally to everyone; believers, unbelievers, boomers, generation X, millennials, and those who are yet to come.  No exemptions!

See, it really doesn’t matter if you believe it, God’s word remains the same and it’s…To Everyone:

In 1 Thessalonians 5:15 it says,


See that no one repays another with evil for evil,

but always seek after that which is good

for one another and for all people.

In the days ahead, remember to guard your heart, and your spoken and written words because you are not exempt

God’s Word says that once we all wore fitly rags, but through His forgiveness, death on the cross, and His resurrection, we are promised everlasting life and robes of righteousness.

Whenever you feel like repaying evil for evil, remember you are not exempt.  

When we disagree, are angry, have been hurt by words, or seek to retaliate…remember forgiveness should always be bestowed To Everyone.  




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