The Cross

The Cross


A few years ago, when my eldest granddaughter celebrated her first communion, my husband and I went to Nebraska to be with her, and we wanted to buy her a special gift that fit the occasion. 


Unlike the church I was brought up in, she prepared for this event with two years of classes and a public confession of her faith before taking communion at the age of 14.

The gift we selected for her was a silver infinity cross necklace.  (See picture.)  We set a high budget for the gift because we valued the decision she was making; both in her heart to follow the Lord and His commandment to take communion in remembrance of what Christ did for us.

I know many people wear cross jewelry without any understanding of the meaning of the cross, nor do they have any desire to follow God’s commandments. 


For me, the cross is more than a piece of ornamental jewelry.  The message of the cross to the believer is the death of the innocent for the redemption of the guilty.  

I look at a cross and am reminded of what Christ did for me.  The cross sends a message of hope.  

In 1 Corinthians 1:18 NET, it says this...

“For the message about the cross 

is foolishness to those who are perishing, 

but to us who are being saved 

it is the power of God."

While Jesus provided a way for our salvation through His death on the cross and resurrection, He also told us that we would need to die daily.  We would need to take up our cross and follow Him.
Some people may think the cross and those who look to it are foolish, but when I see the Cross, I see...


What do you see?




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