An Unsatisfactory Outcome

Some people want to do everything for themselves.  They refuse help when it’s offered and whatever their motivation was, this usually results in an unsatisfactory outcome. 

I’ve had this happen to me before.  I offer my help.  I can see exactly what needs to be done, but I’ve had to step back and watch someone struggle unnecessarily.   

There are two verses in Haggai (1:5-6) that when I read these, I’m sure God must be standing back and saying if you would only let me help.   

Now this is what the LORD Almighty says: 
You have planted much but have harvested little. 
You eat, but never have enough. 
You drink, but never have your fill. 
You put on clothes but are not warm. 
You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it."

In Matthew 14, there is a young boy who brings his lunch to the disciple called Andrew.  Andrew then takes the boy and the lunch to Jesus and you know the rest of the story.    

Had the young lad tried to handle the food shortage on his own by distributing his fish and bread without involving Jesus, he wouldn’t have gotten far.  But put that same lunch in the hands of Jesus and a multitude is fed with more food left than they started with.  

Doing what YOU THINK is the right thing without bringing God into partnership with you will produce an unsatisfactory outcome.  
  • Have you ever spoke your feelings to someone before praying about it resulting in another being hurt by your words?   
  • Have you ever pushed your agenda on someone before seeking the Lord first to see if this was what He wanted for them and you?
  • Have you ever said, ‘no-can-do’ to a ministry opportunity before asking the Lord if He wanted to use you to do that very thing?  Maybe He wanted to stretch and grow you.
Okay, enough about me.

Even when we seemly do everything correctly in our own eyes, in the end, we will not be satisfied with the outcome unless we move into partnership with God.  

The above scripture from Haggai tells us that the people of that day worked hard, yet without involving the Lord, they were spiritually and emotionally hungry, thirsty, naked, cold, and poor.  This is an unsatisfactory outcome.

God will take the fruit of our labors (big or small) and use them for His glory when our motives are right, and we put everything in His hands. 

When we partner with God, our outcome will be Excellent.  


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