Back to the Basics

We have all had to get back to the basics this past month; like handwashing.  I was shocked by how little I thought about washing my hands until my health hung in the balance.

New terminology and practices have become the norm like; shelter in place, social distancing, self-quarantine, keeping a six-foot distance from everyone,  less than ten person gatherings, no face touching, no handshaking, detoxing groceries before bringing them into the house and wiping down surfaces more often.

I have disinfected my light switches, countertops, doorknobs, banishers, remotes, cell phone, iPad, and computer keyboard more in the last month than I had in my entire life proceeding this pandemic.  I've even wiped down my car steering wheel and all the places in the car that I touch.  I don't think I ever thought to disinfect my car before.  Clean yes, but disinfect--never.  But, I do now.

For the past few weeks, my new ritual of bringing groceries into my house is to empty all the groceries into the back of the van, throw away the contaminated plastic bags crawling with Covid-19 germs.  Then I sprayed the daylights out of all the items with Lysol spray and let it sit for 20 minutes before bringing them into the house where I then wiped each item down with a Clorox wipe.

I wonder if we will ever go back to our old ways.  In my many hours of quarantine, I have watched some movies, and I'm shocked to see people hugging and shaking hands, eating together in restaurants setting hip to hip in a booth, touching the table and then putting food in their mouths.

It's horrifying.

This Covid-19 virus has affected us to our very core.

I'm ready to get back to my life before the pandemic.  I'm ready for simple and uncomplicated living, and I'm ready for some good news.

In Joel 2:32 (NLT), there is a verse that takes us back to our core. It takes us back to the basics.  It's simple, uncomplicated, and excellent news.

It's the foundation that the Christian's life is built on.

But everyone who calls 
on the name of the Lord 
will be saved...

There ya go, simple, basic, uncomplicated and the best news ever!


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