...And Yet His Love Endures

The book of Hosea is an enigma when it comes to faithfulness.  After all, this book of the Bible begins with a story about a wife who is unfaithful and a husband who is longsuffering.  

Most of us without a counseling degree or maybe even with one would be telling this husband, Hosea, to kick that girl, Gomer, to the curb and move on because we would tell Hosea that he deserves to be loved, respected and have all his wife's attention, and he did give her plenty of chances to behavior.

In the book of Hosea, when we look at this story as a living parable, it is easier to see the truth God is driving home to our hearts.  When we grasp the truth of this book, it will give us more compassion for Gomer and give us a new thankfulness for the ever-enduring Hosea.

Parables have long been a means that both God the Father and Jesus, His Son have used to teach us.  The best description I've heard to describe a parable is this; words become a paintbrush to create a portrait of truth.  

The book of Hosea can be broken into two parts.  In chapters 1-3, we see Gomer’s unfaithfulness to her husband, Hosea.  And God continually telling him to return to his wife.  Then in chapters 4-14, the tables are turned and God shows us through the story of Hosea and Gomer; Israel’s unfaithfulness to God and God's willingness to accept back this nation that continually rejected the Father love.   

Looking closely at the brush strokes of this story, we will see the enduring love relationship between God and his wayward people.

Through all the beauty and raw truth of this Old Testament living parable, I landed on this verse in Hosea 6:6 to ponder this week. 

 “For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, 
the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.”   

Here God is telling his people, Israel what he wants from them.  He wants them to desire Him and love Him more than anything this world has to offer.  He's not looking for self-sacrifice in the things we do, but He is calling for our hearts--our love.   

It's time to really love the One who chose us warts and all, just like Hosea chose Gomer and repeatedly took her back.  Jesus' enduring love for us is the same.  It's time to give God what He desires; our steadfast love.  

When we were unfaithful, undeserving, and behaving badly,  Jesus loved us and gave His life for us. 

Here's the message from the book of Hosea to us,  love Him because He desires our love more than anything else, and in the end, our actions will show our true love.


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