In Conclusion

I love endings.  

When I was a child sitting in church, I waited with anticipation to hear one of these popular pastoral phrases;  

"In Conclusion..."  

"My last point is..."   

"As I close..."  

Even in my childish mind, I was aware that this meant the end was near.  Church service was almost over.  

I love a good conclusion.

When I watch a predictable Hallmark movie, okay maybe they're all predictable, I get bogged down because I already know the outcome.  I want to say, "Hurry up, already.  Let’s get to the happy ever after.”  

These movies all start out with two people in conflict.  Let's say that she's mad at him because he didn't follow her to the Yukon where she works her way to the top of a huge ski resort franchise.  

Of course, less than 15-minutes into the movie, she must return to her hometown to scope out buying the town's ski lodge that is owned by “ta-da” her ex.  

Are you still with me?

Once they are reacquainted in their childhood hometown, she softens towards him.  This usually happens at exactly 60 minutes into the movie.  

Everything is going amazing until one hour and thirty minutes in--it happens, she misinterprets his actions.  She becomes incensed about something she saw him do or heard another person say about him.  This is when she runs back to the Yukon to her amazing and powerful yet lonely life.  Only to be suddenly surprised by the truth about what really happened and now we’re at exactly one hour and 45 minutes into the movie.  

The shocking truth that she was wrong about what she saw or heard gives her only 15 minutes to rush back into his life in time to embrace as the long-awaited snowfall begins just in time to save the town's crippled ski economy.    

The End.

I'll be honest...sometimes I fast forward to the last 10 minutes to confirm what I already know--they end up together.  I do this especially if I have more than five Christmas movies on my DVR at one time.

Ecclesiastes 12:3 does a great job of getting us to the end without the need of a fast forward moment.  It is a no-frills verse, yet it gets to the heart of the matter.  It even says, here is the conclusion.  That said, you know I love this verse.

Now all has been heard;
    here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
    for this is the duty of all mankind.

In Conclusion...
  • Fear God
  • Keep His Commandments
  • This is the Duty of ALL Mankind

The End!

 Boom and mic drop…

You're Welcome!


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