A Love Story

Romantic Comedies are my favorite kind of movie.  There’s nothing as good as a love story.  When I tell my children about how their father and I met and fell in love or tell my grandchildren how their parents met and fell in love there’s always warm smiles and happy giggles.
That’s because everyone loves a good love story.

One of the first Bible verses that I remember putting to memory as a child was John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life.”  

This verse is the foundation of the greatest love story ever told. 

When it comes to love, there’s a difference between knowing about love and experiencing love. The same is true regarding knowing about God’s love and experiencing His love firsthand.  

The kind of love we see in John 3:16 is referring to God’s love which is eternal not a temporal love like we see in earthly relationships.  

Because we are earthlings, and we understand best earthly relationships, God in His wisdom included a beautiful book in the Bible to help us better grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. (Eph 3:18)

The main focus of this book of the Bible is the love of the bridegroom for the bride and the love of the bride for the bridegroom.  The Song of Solomon is a beautiful analogy of Christ and the Church (His Bride) passionately seeking to find one another.  

Song of Solomon 3:4 is often used in weddings as a reminder of the promise of love and commitment between husband and wife—for life.  

I have found the one, whom my soul loves, 
I held him and would not let go...

This verse is a beautiful reminder to us to stay true and hold on to our first love—Jesus.  Once we have found Him—don’t let go.

That’s my love story and yours too if you’ve ever made a commitment to Christ.  If you haven’t, now would be the time to pray this prayer. 

 Lord Jesus, I’m tired of the sin struggle in my life. My choices have not led me to good places or the right relationships. So today, I confess my need for You. Lord, I ask you to forgive me. I’m sorry for the things I’ve done that have been displeasing to you. Today, I’ve found the one my soul has been longing for in you Jesus, I want to cling to you and never let go.  Take control of my life.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen.  

And now your Love Story has begun.


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