A Scent of Water

There are certain smells that bring good memories like springtime. 

I have good memories of opening the door on that first warm morning after a long cold winter and breathing in the warm morning air of spring.  The smell of dirt is in the air.  

I don't know why this makes me remember my childhood fondly, but it does.  The ground after a fresh rain mingled with the warm air is a sweet aroma, maybe I like it best because it's the announcement that winter is over and something new is coming.   

The smell of homemade bread baking is another great memory from my childhood.  After a long hard day of third grade, my grandma would have homemade bread baking, and when I opened the door that awesome smell would greet me.  All the trials of third grade would be left behind.  My favorite part was the heel (end piece) dripping with butter.  The smell would fill the house with its goodness.  

Or what about the smell of flowers.  The fragrant aroma seems to come from nowhere and you breathe it in deeply and sigh.  I don't believe that I've ever received a rose, and didn't immediately lift that flower to my nose and breathe in the aroma.

Yes, smells bring good feelings and good memories, but they can also do so much more according to God's Word.
In Job 14:9, in the GW translation, it says, merely a scent of water will make it sprout and grow branches like a plant.

What is that “scent of water” that awakens you spiritually causing dried and dying branches to sprout and grow? 

For me, it can be as simple as:

  • ·      Hearing someone pray with power and authority
  • ·      The truth of God's Word spoken and rightly divided 
  • ·      The phrase of a song sung at a time of need 
  • ·      The touch of someone who comes alongside you in your distress 
All of these are like the “scent of water” to the spiritually wounded. 

Take a deep breath and breathe in all that God has for you.  I can smell the “scent of water."

Can you?  

This "scent of water" brings life to the dying.


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