Time to Fast!

I know what you’re thinking.  Has she lost her mind?  What in the world is she thinking--talking about fasting the week before Christmas?  And--my answer is, what better time to talk about the self-discipline of fasting?  
When King David and Bathsheba’s newborn son was slipping away, this is the first time in scripture that fasting was recorded.  David abstained from food in an attempt to change God’s mind about the life of his child.  Even though he fasted, the baby still died.
There are many reasons that will cause a person to fast.  It could be for revival, the salvation of a loved one, protection, health, or demonic activity.  
Jesus said, “When you fast…”  His words imply that it is something we should all do.
In 2 Chronicles 20:2-3, King Josaphaphat was facing a crisis of war in his nation.  The first thing he chose to do was call the whole nation to fast.
Messengers arrived and reported to Jehoshaphat, “A huge army is attacking you from the other side of the Dead Sea…Jehoshaphat was afraid, so he decided to seek the Lord’s advice. He decreed that all Judah should observe a fast.  2 Chronicles 20:2-3 (NET)
Remember, when you fast, it is not a promise that all your prayers will be answered as you wish them to be, but it is a promise that you will have a focused time each day to concentrate your attention on the Lord.  
Fasting will help you remember your need and dependence on the Lord.  Each time you feel the pangs of hunger it’s a reminder to reach out to the Lord.  Each hunger pain will serve as a reminder that we should all be hungering after God.  
In one week, it will be Christmas but shortly following this day of feasting we all become highly focused on our health.  Let's take that time to look at our spiritual health as well.
Time to fast!
If you are considering fasting, take a moment to educate yourself on the subject.  There are a number of excellent books to guide you through the process.  


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