You are For Me

Barb and me at the "Hats On Ladies Lunch."
I'm not a person who struggles with low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, or have excessive worry about not being included.

Not that these things haven't come for a visit now and again, I just don't make a comfortable place for them to take up residence.

I'm a fortunate person because I have a supportive family that loves me--warts and all.  They tell me how valuable I am to them, and they are present in my life in an active way.  They have my back.

But there is none more protective of me than my oldest sister, Barb.  She will not engage in any negative talk about me or allow anyone else to talk about me in a contrary way.  That goes for all her family members and friends.  She's a fierce protector.  Consider yourself warned.

Not long ago, I was in a prayer group and one of the members kept repeating this line in prayer, "You are For Me!"

Sometimes, I'm slow at catching things the first time around, but God has no problem repeating Himself for us slow-learners.  Maybe you identify with me and need truth to come at you numerous times before it finally soaks in.

Well...GOD IS FOR ME...and He's for you too!

When all the world may seem against us, when every thing is going wrong, when emotions are at fever pitch and we feel ready to throw in the towel...HE IS FOR ME!

So what should we say about this?  
If God is for us, no one can stand against us.  
And God is with us. 
Romans 8:31 (ERV)

Move over Barb, you are not the only one who has my back. 

Thank you Lord.  I know YOU are for me!


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