National Day of Prayer

It was an honor to be asked to pray this year at the National Day of Prayer in Flint, Michigan.  The area I was asked to pray over was families and education. 

I heard a song recently by Josh Baldwin from Bethel Music called, This is how I fight my battles.   The next line said this, It may look like I'm surround, but I'm surrounded by You.   These two lines are the only words in the entire song.  A few words, yet they say so much.

The whole time I was singing this song, my thoughts do I fight my battles?  The answer was crystal clear, through prayer.  This is how Christians fight their battles--they pray. 

For my devotional today, I'm sharing the prayer I prayed at the National Day of Prayer.  As you read it...pray it!  Because...this is how we fight our battles!

National Day of Prayer 
Families & Education 

Father, it is with humble hearts; we enter your presence with the assurance that you hear our cries.  We come, asking for Your divine intervention in every family and educational institution of these United States of America.  

We pray for the marriages across this nation.  Lord, only You can raise up a standard that will stop the erosion of the American family.  Shore up the crumbling foundations of broken homes with Your transforming and life changing power in our own community and around this great country.    

 We ask for Your protection over mothers and fathers.  Protect them from the fiery darts of the enemy and allow children to have both parents to teach and guide them through their formative years. May it be the privilege of every parent to know the joy of pointing their children to that straight and narrow path, that leads to eternal life.  

And Lord, we pray for the educational system in our country.  This is a battleground, where the enemy of our souls has worked feverishly to silence Your Name, but today, we as a nation, stand in the gap.  We lift our voices in unison asking that you would raise up teachers and students who would boldly call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help and guidance.  

Lord, prepare the hearts and minds of teachers and students to pray, to speak, and to be ready to give everyone who ask a reason for the hope that is within them.  

Give this generation, the tears and brokenness of the prophet Jeremiah who cried out a message of repentance.  Give them Daniel like courage to stand up against the pressures to conform.  Give them the boldness and faith of a David who stood face to face against his enemy, yet he knew His God, Our God, You—Father God would deliver him from the hand of his enemy.

Lord, we pray for the teachers in our country, whose voices have been silenced.   Make a way for the flood gates of your Truth to pour out of every Bible believing teacher.  We invite your Holy Spirit to be present in the classrooms of America.  We come against the spirit of apathy, discouragement, fear, violence and lack of purpose.  

And we ask that You, Lord Jesus would empower each grandparent, parent, child, student, administrator and teacher regardless of age, occupation, or education to use our allotted days to do Your Will.

Father, I ask these things, as we agree together, in the powerful name of Jesus--Our Lord and Savior.  Amen.

If you'd like to hear the song I mentioned above, this is the link. 


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