Choose Something Wonderful

This is the only picture I could find with me and my mom
together.  I am the baby in this picture.
Mother's Day can be the best or toughest day of the year.  On this special day, words of appreciation will be shared, cards bought, candy given, and the restaurants will be filled with families who don't want to attempt cooking a meal for the best cook in their world--Mom!

For many, Mother's Day can be a sad day too.  Maybe you never experienced the joy...and sorrow (yes, there is plenty of sorrow that comes with the job) of motherhood or maybe you have recently said your final good-bye to your own mother.

Whether you are in joy or pain...Mother's Day is coming, and this year you get to choose what you will remember.  So, here is your challenge...choose something wonderful. 

Here's my memory.

When I was in the 11th grade, I had a new friend at school, and the first time I went to her house she walked in, grabbed her mom and lifted her off the floor with a hug.  I could see by their relationship that this was not a one time occurrence.  My friend had cultivated this type of relationship with her mother.  And, it warmed my heart to see this expression of love.  Her actions inspired me to do something special with my mom.

Seeing I'm not a lift your mom off the floor with a hug kind of person, I moved on to Plan B.

I chose to greet my mom when she came home each day from work and follow her to her bedroom.  I'd lay on her bed while she changed her clothes into something comfy.  I'd ask her anything that was on my mind or ask her how her day had been.   I don't remember receiving any life changing advice or spiritual counsel in those few moments together, but it was a purposeful time for me to be with her and her to be with me.

It was sometime in the 11th grade that I made the decision to take that five minutes with my mother when she came home from work.   I'm sure she wasn't thrilled to have an audience while she changed her clothes, but she never once discouraged me from being with her.  I cherish that time, and I had no idea how short lived it would be.  In February of my senior year in high school, my mom died unexpectedly.  I was 18 years old.

I don't have decades of memories about my mother to pull from, but I cherish the time we did have and especially those days of just being with her.

In Isaiah 66:12-13 The Message Bible describes a mother as one who brings comfort with the sweet promise that God will comfort us in the same way.
“...You’ll nurse at her breasts,
    nestle in her bosom,
    and be bounced on her knees.
As a mother comforts her child,
    so I’ll comfort you...”
What is your good memory of your mother?

Choose something wonderful.

A recent photo of me with my first born!  
My second born son and a very young me!

One of my favorite pictures of me and my daughter (3rd born).

Happy Mother's Day


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