Look What You Did!

Have you ever said this to someone?

"Look What You Did!" 

Depending on your voice inflection, the meaning of this statement could be either affirming or disparaging.    

If I used a tone that expressed a 'shame on you' then the "Look What You Did!" phrase would show that somebody did something that upset me.  

But, if i used a tone that expresses pride in an accomplishment the meaning would be much different even though the words remain the same.

In the story of the healing at the Gate Beautiful, a similar expression is used.  When the crowd saw the healing of the crippled man, they said with awe and wonder, (paraphrasing here) "Hey, Everybody!  Look What Peter and John Did!"  

Then later in Acts 3:11-21, Peter sets the record straight by giving Christ the credit, but not before he takes a jab at the same people who crucified Christ.  Peter gave them a "Look What You Did!" with a tone of shame on you.

This Easter season, we all have an opportunity to express our gratitude, awe and wonder when we say to Jesus, "Look What You Did!" 

In 1 John 3:1 (CEV) it says, "Think how much the Father loves us.  He loves us so much that he lets us be called his children, as we truly are..."

Because of what Christ has done for us, death has been defeated.  His act of love was for us.  We have been set free from the sin that had us bound.  This is the kind of love that the Father has given us.

With much gratitude and awe, I say to Jesus again, "Look What You Did...for me!"


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