The warm side of the door.

Our church's Bible Study cruise to the Caribbean is ending tomorrow.  The weather here has been warm and toasty--just beautiful.  However, I have not forgotten that less than two weeks ago we were in record breaking freezing cold Michigan.

According to news reports, Michigan hadn't experienced weather this cold for over 25 years.   During the cold, fringed days of January 2019, my family choose to stay inside as much as possible.  We choose the warm side of the door.

On most of those subzero days, I was curled up by the fire place with the heat pumped up to 70, wrapped in a blanket, with fuzzy socks on my feet.  On days like this, I am very mindful that the other side of the door isn't necessarily a warm and friendly place.

However, too often when I shut the door on the world and enter my comfortable home, I to easily forget that not everyone knows about, the warm side of the door.

There is a verse in John 10:9 (ESV) that says this...

"I am the door. 
If anyone enters by me, 
he will be saved 
and will go in and out 
and find pasture."

 I'm out of the country right now, and it's an easy thing for me, with my passport, to go in and out.   When I am in Christ, I have that same freedom.

The warm side of the door is awesome, no question about that, but if we don't go in and out, we'll never find pastures.

Another verse that comes to mind when I think of pastures is...look unto the fields for they are ripe for harvest.

If we stay inside where it is warm and comfortable, we will miss all opportunities that are NOT on the warm side of the door.


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