Given and Received

I've heard my husband use this phrase in sermons many times.  "We often remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember." 

As I get older, I can honestly say, I've got that forget part down to perfection.  It's the remembering part I struggle with of late.  

Yet, there is one thing I hope I never forget.  It's the power I have to forgive.  

Through Jesus, I have an amazing example of forgiveness given and through my salvation I received that forgiveness, yet I often forget what Christ did for me when it's my turn to extend forgiveness to another.  

I forget, there was nothing in me, that He should even care for my wreathed life, yet He did.

I am thankful today for forgiveness given and forgiveness received.  There is much power, truth and liberation in these two words given and received.  

Today, you may be carrying the pain of unforgiveness.  Not fun!  Let it go.  Forgive as you have been forgiven.  Give forgiveness to those who have hurt you with no strings attached.  That will allow another to receive the pure joy of that forgiveness.  

Never forget what Christ did for you when His forgiveness was given.  Remember how you felt when you received that forgiveness.

Make allowance for each other’s faults, 
and forgive anyone who offends you. 
Remember, the Lord forgave you, 
so you must forgive others.  
Colossians 3:13 (NLT)

God's forgiveness--Given and Received--is something to truly be thankful for!

Now, it’s your turn to forgive!


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