Not too long ago, I had a bad night's sleep.  Actually, that happens two or three times a week, then when morning rolls around, I'm less than excited to get up.  

On one of these mornings, I woke up to the sound of my bedroom door opening slightly and then closing.  Each time the door opened, the daylight from the other room would creep into my dark room and illuminate it.  There would be a slight pause and then the door would close again.   

I quickly realized my granddaughter was anxiously anticipating my getting up.  It was Saturday morning, and she was excited to spend some time with me.  As I drug myself out of the bed, it was one of those moments where you know the Lord is speaking to you.  

The word "Arise" came into my mind and a song I sang as a young adult came flooding into my heart.

Arise, shine for your light is come
Arise, shine for your light is come
And the glory of the Lord is risen
The glory of the Lord is risen
Upon me!

Do you remember?  

It comes from the verse in Isaiah 60:1 that says, Arise, my people!  Let your light shine for all the nations to see!  For the glory of the Lord is streaming from you. (TLB)

My granddaughter was excited and anxious for me to arise and become a part of her day and in Isaiah the Lord is telling us to Arise, shine.  Let the world see your light.  The light that you shine may be the only hope those around you will see.  We must be an example to the nations.  The glorious light of the Lord is streaming from you.  



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