What's That In Your Hand?

Have you ever felt self-doubt?  Have you felt  incapable of the task? 

I know I have.  A few weeks ago, I stood in a worship service and I heard these words spoken to my heart. 

What's in your hand?  I felt it was from the Lord.  

He continued.  It's what I want.  Give it to me.  I can do more with it than you ever could.

After these words ran through my mind, I immediately saw in my hand the 3rd book that I'd just finished writing.  (Yes!  I finished my third book...Hillbrooke God's Rewrite and the editing has begun.)

I have been working on writing this book for over a year.  There were times I laid it down for months because I didn't feel capable or knowledgeable about the topic.  My own self-doubt and insecurities rose to the surface.  It seemed nearly every time I was ready to completely give up on this book, I'd get an email from someone who had read one of my other books.  Those emails contained fuel for my depleted engine--words of encouragement.  

I don't like to think I'm a needy person, but I think most of us have struggled with feelings of inadequacy, especially when we feel the task before us is outside our comfort zone.     

In Exodus 4:2 Moses, had his own battle with inadequacy.  Reading this verse, I realized I'm a lot like Moses.  I really do like anonymity--just like Moses liked his quiet life in the desert.  He didn't want to be seen, recognized or asked to do public speaking.  But God had other plans for this desert dweller.  After Moses gave God all his excuses, God asked him. 

...“What is that in your hand?” He said, “A staff.” (Exodus 4:2)

We all have things we may feel insure about, but God is saying to each of us, What’s in your hand?   For me it was a book, but I wonder what's in your hand

Moses could have easily said, "Nothing."  He could have thought, God can't possibly be talking about this piece of junk wood.  Yet, God has the capability to use what we make available to Him in spite of how we interpret our own limitations. 

So maybe the better question to you today isn't, "What’s in your hand?" ...but, "What's your excuse?"


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