Follow Me!

On Wednesday nights in the summer, my preschool class at church would often go outside to play.  The church has a nice fenced-in playground not too far from the exit door near the classroom.  Even though the playground is close, it's still far enough away that we have this little rope with hoops for the children to hold on to--to keep everyone together.

Image result for walking preschool hoopsEvery time we leave the church building, I instruct the children to follow me and hold on to their colored circle until I open the gate of the play area.  I give this warning each week with the hope that there will not be a stampede or injuries on the short walk to the playground.

That's how it's suppose to work--but it rarely does.

What usually happens is when the playground is in the children's line-of-vision someone drops the rope and runs for the playground.  Usually, this sparks a chain reaction and I'm left holding the rope while children bolt.

I observed an interesting thing when this happens.  As soon as one child breaks the chain, there is always at least one or more who will follow suit.  While I'm yelling, "STOP!  STOP!"  I learned a lesson from these little humans.  All of us are either following someone or someone is following us.

The Aposple Paul said this in 1Corinthians 11:1 (NIV)

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.  

Paul's statement was to new Believers who weren't sure what person or principles they should follow. To end the confusion, Paul takes the responsibility to be their example by saying, "Follow me."

Today, not a lot has changed.  We still find things to disagree about and even seasoned followers of Christ are sometimes confused as to what is permissible and what isn't for a Believer.  Still, each of us must navigate through this life choosing who we will follow.

In the craziness of life, it's always good to stop for a moment and ask before you bolt, who am I following?  And where are they leading me?


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