No Rival

We've all have certain people in our lives that we are in a neck and neck race with to the finish line.  It may be a sibling, a cousin, a school friend, a workmate or a spouse.  The list could go on and on.  When I was in the 7th grade, I had an experience like this.

This was the yearI learned to play the flute.  Each Monday, in my class of 12 students, we would play a selected piece of music and the teacher would seat us that week, according to our performance.  Thus, we were numbered first chair, second chair, third chair all the way through to the dreaded 12th chair.  

I loved playing my flute, so I had no problem spending time practicing.  However, in my class there was one girl who seemed to have an ability above all the rest of us.  She spent almost every week of our 7th grade year in 1st chair.  

No matter how much I practiced, I was mostly in 2nd, 3rd or 4th chair.  Until one day, I'm not sure how it happened, but she went down and I went up.  All the way to 1st chair--for one whole week, I was in the seat of honor.  It was amazing and I remember the prestige of that 1st chair very well.  

For one week, I was the best of the best.  I had No Rival.  I was #1 and I don't mind telling you--it was sweet!

Then Monday came around and guess who was in 4th seat again.  Me!  

There's a song that we sing at our church called, What A Beautiful Name.  In the lyrics of that song are the words "You have No Rival."  Of course, these words are talking about the wonder and Majesty of Jesus.  Nothing compares to Him.

Deuteronomy 3:24 (NET Bible) says this...

“O, Lord God, you have begun to show me your greatness and strength.
(What god in heaven or earth can rival your works and mighty deeds?)"

As wonderful as this scripture is, I wonder how true this verse is in our lives, does Jesus have No Rival?  

What about our time?

What about our finances?

What about our careers?

What about our politics?  (Oh, did she just say that?  I believe she did!)

Does Jesus really have No Rival in our lives?  Is he 1st chair?  Will he remain there when life makes us crazy?

I wonder.

This week, as you filter through the Tsunami of things pushing in on you, ask yourself honestly;  

Do I need to make adjustments in my life
to be sure Jesus truly has No Rival?


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