What's your name?

My mother told me a story, a long time ago.  It was about me, when I was very young and just learning to talk.  

The story was told to me like this.  

My parents would ask, "What's your name?"

I'd reply, "George."  It was a crowd pleaser.  

Cute, right?  

Until one day, they realized it wouldn't be funny or cute if I were lost and someone asks me, "What's your name?" 

And I replied, "George."  Believing falsely that "George" was truly my name.  

My parents realized for my own safety that something had to change!  

So the tedious process began to retrain me.  I think we all know that was not an easy task.  

My mother told me the reeducation went like this.

Parent: "What's your name?"

Me: "George."  Followed by my best one-dimpled smile, I'd looked around the room anticipating the laughter that was sure to follow.  

Parents:  "No, your name is Beverly.  Say Beverly!"

Me: "No-George."

This went on for awhile until corporal punishment was applied.  In my childlike thinking, I'm sure, I didn't understand what had changed.  The story was told to me that I would not relent, through tears I would stutter out the name, "Gggg-orge."

Obviously, I finally figured out that my name was Beverly, but I wonder how long it took me.   My mother never told me if it was one round of training or months?  I'm thinking months.

This little story brings to mind the plight of many Believers and their lack of understanding as to who they are in Christ.

When someone becomes a Christian, 
he becomes a brand new person inside. 
He is not the same anymore. 
A new life has begun!
2 Corinthians 5:17 

This promise of 'making us new' comes with the promise of a  'New Name.' 

“...I will give to each a white stone, 
and on the stone will be engraved a new name 
that no one else knows except the one receiving it."  
Revelation 2:17 
When I read this, I get excited at the prospect of what my 'New Name' will be, but until then, I can focus on the names God has already given to me through Christ.  

The  enemy of our souls will try and trick us into believing that our name is something other than what God has promised us in our new life.  

Until the day we each receive our 'New Names,' we should dwell on the names by which God identifies us.    

         Precious One
               Joint Heir 
                  My Daughter
                     My Son
                        Righteousness of God in Christ

What's Your Name?


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