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The Honey Pot

Winnie the Pooh is a favorite among kid's storybook characters.  He's a chubby, fluffy, honey colored bear who is happy, loving and playful.  (Come to think of it...that sounds a bit like my husband!)  Pooh bear often gets into difficulties because when he sees honey, the need to eat that honey controls him.  He gets into all kinds of trouble as his growling tummy takes possession of his brain.   It doesn't matter if Winnie gathered the honey for himself or if the honey belongs to another, once this liquid gold comes into the picture, all self-discipline is gone.   When Pooh is on an outing with his pals, Tigger and Piglet, if he sees honey, his plans and relationships are pushed to the sideline.   Spiritually speaking, I wonder, if I might have a honey pot  distraction.  Are there things in my life that cause me to run rampant over  friendships, family, responsibilities, or might this distraction have the power to cause me to act in an ungodly fashion?   Wh


In November, I had a small procedure done as an outpatient at the hospital.  When my husband and I arrived, we followed one of the hospital staff to the holding area.  Once I had climbed into the bed and settled in, the nurse came in to ask me a few questions. If you've been an outpatient at the hospital, you know the type of questions they ask.  Things like; do you feel safe at home?  Are you depressed?  Do you have feelings of suicide?  Do you smoke, drink or take recreational drugs?  I answered each question with confidence, until they asked this very humbling question; do you use a walker at home?  Hmm?   I glance at my husband with a questioning expression and immediately thought,  maybe I should have spent a few more minutes on the hair and makeup this morning.   How old did she think I was?  Did I look like I needed a walker to get around?  I quickly replied with a bit of indignation in my voice.  "I do not!" After that nurse was finished humiliating me,

Breath of God

Pentecost Sunday is days away, and I had something happen a few weeks ago that brought this special day to the forefront of my thoughts.    Confession:  I should not chew gum in public.  I'm a chomping, snapping, popping gum chewer.  It's not pretty!  I try and avoid public gum chewing, but recently I was chewing gum in my preschool class at church when a child asked me what I was eating.  (Yes, that's how bad my gum chewing can be.) I told him that I was chewing a piece of gum.  He asked me what flavor the gum was and I replied, "Watermelon."   Then I proceeded to blow my breath on him to confirm the flavor.  My breath filled the air and the child gave a nod of approval, confirming the flavor truly was watermelon. That sweet and innocent nod of approval brought to mind a beautiful scripture in John 20:22 about Jesus breathing on His disciples following the resurrection. "Peace be with you. Just as the Father  has sent me, I also sen

Ah, I remember it well.

I watched my 20-month-old grandson the other day.  If you're a grandma, I could stop right here because I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. I'M EXHAUSTED!!! First...we read books, then I cleaned up the kitchen, then I decided to sweep the floor and shake the rugs, but when I went to the closet to get the broom, the closet needed to be straightened, I pulled all the stuff out of the closet.  I had a steadfast, unmovable helper through all of this.    She said sarcastically!  After the closet clean out, I finally found the broom and proceeded to sweep the floor.  My helper moved faster than me and was able to run through each pile of dirt before I could lay my hands on the dust pan.  His talents are never ending.  So proud. Then me and the boy moved to the family room where I cleaned up toys and moved the whole room around.  He happily played wherever I had just cleaned.  Then we went to my bedroom and changed the sheets on the bed and started

Bob was here.

I was scrolling through some old pictures on my iPad the other day and one popped up that made me smile.  (see attached photo)  It was one of those vacation photo opportunities that I couldn't pass up. We were visiting the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee and there was a sign warning 'would be' graffiti artist that any destruction to park property would be met with server consequences.   It said, Bob Was Here , because someone named Bob carved those three words into the wood walls of one of the  historic building in the national park.  Since my husband's name is Bob, you can understand why it was the photo opt of the trip.   Three years ago, I went to China to visit family and it was a joy to walk the steps that many had walked before me at the Great Wall of China.   Unlike the Smokey Mountains, China provided a place for those who felt impressed to leave their names as a memento of their visit.  That was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.  So I wro