Watch What You Pray For

29-years ago, a church in Grand Blanc, Michigan prayed for a young missionary family in the Philippines.  The attached photo shows the front and back of the bulletin from New Life Christian Fellowship on April 2,1989.  On that date, my husband and I along with our three children were living on an island in the central part of the Philippines.  

We were that missionary couple that New Life prayed for all those years ago.  

It's almost humorous that when this congregation was praying for us, little did any of us know that those prayers were for their future pastor.  My husband's first Sunday serving the congregation of New Life in Grand Blanc, Michigan was July 8, 2000, nearly 18 years ago.

The burden to pray for someone at a certain time in a certain place is no coincidence.  When the Lord directs us to pray, we don't always know the full ramifications of our prayers.  We simply pray and invite the Lord to have His way.  

Many years ago, my husband and I began praying for the future mates of our children.  We now have two daughter-in-laws and a son-in-law who were covered in prayer and came into our family in different ways.  

Our eldest son met his wife at college--we prayed with him about what college he would choose.  I remember saying to him as a senior in high school, "You could meet your future wife at the college you choose so choose wisely."  He quickly replied, "As if I'm not under enough presser picking a college, now I'm thinking about my future wife too."  And...ta-da...he found her at that college and we've loved his choice from the day we met her.  

Our second son had no idea that his wife was practically under his nose his entire life.  She was the daughter of a close family friend.  They never expected to fall in love while she served as a ministry intern at our church--but they did.  She had been a part of our lives literally before she was born.  We had no idea that while we were praying for our son's future wife that this little girl we loved even before she breathed her first breath, would become our daughter-in-law.  

Our daughter was introduced to her future husband while he was visiting friends who attended our church.  We didn't know him, but God did.  The Lord laid his hand on our son-in-law and pushed him to the front of the line just for her.  It was our prayer that she would find a husband who loved God, loved her and was a great father and provider.  Our son-in-law is batting a hundred in each of these.  We love him and are thankful for him.  

As we all pray and ask the Lord to lead us, the path He takes us on may be fraught with difficulties and hardships, but when we look back at the crooked path behind us, it is easy to see God's hand at each bend in the road.  

I'm not sure where you are in your life's journey, but don't stop praying.  Don't stop asking the Lord to be completely involved in the everyday activities and concerns of your life.  

After all, you never know what you might be praying for.  

Now, my God, I pray, let Your eyes be open
and let Your ears be attentive 
to the prayer made in this place.

2 Chronicles 6:40



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