Empty! The Tomb Is Empty.

Many years ago, a very excited friend gave me a carton of plastic eggs and told me that the eggs were called Resurrection Eggs.   She told me that my preschool kids would love these for Easter.   

I opened the carton and looked at the unimpressive, colored eggs then closed the lid without further examination.  I stuck the carton away in my supply cupboard and forgot all about them for many years.

Then one day, I decided to take a closer look at the Resurrection Eggs.  I opened the carton and read the little paper that was enclosed with the eggs.  I  peeked inside each numbered egg and quickly realized what a treasure these eggs would be in helping young children understand the Easter Story.

The next Wednesday night, I used the Resurrection Eggs for the first time.  I let the children come up and select an egg from the carton and instructed them not to open their egg until their number was called.  Each child held their plastic egg like something magical was inside.  They could hardly wait for their number to be called.   

When I called the first number, I asked that child to open his egg and tell me what the item inside had to do with the Easter Story.  If a child didn’t know, I’d helped them along with how the item in the egg pertained to the Easter Story.

Egg 1:  Leaf/Triumphant Entry 
Egg 2:  Perfume/Mary Anoints Jesus
Egg 3: Small piece of Washcloth/Jesus washes the Disciples Feet
Egg 4:  Small Crackers/Last Supper
Egg 5:  Three Dimes/ Judas Betrays Jesus
Egg 6:  Purple Cloth & Thorns/Soldiers Mock Jesus
Egg 7:  Dice/Cast Lots for Jesus's Clothes  
Egg 8:  Cross (Made with Sticks) or Nails/Jesus is Crucified  
Egg 9:  Sponge dipped in Vinegar & Toothpick/Blood & Water (No Bone Broken)
Egg 10:  Spices (Clove or Cinnamon)/Jesus is Buried
Egg 11:  Rock/Stone rolled over the tomb

When we came to Egg 12, I was unsure how the child holding this egg was going to react when he opened his egg because the last egg was EMPTY.   

When I called for Egg number 12 to be opened this little boy couldn’t hide his disappointed.  There was no special item inside his egg to show the class. 

I quickly asked the question, "Why is your egg empty?  What does that have to do with the Easter Story?"  

My little preschool friend's face lit up and he blurted out, “Empty!  The tomb is empty."

Luke 24:6 (NLT) this familiar question is asked ...“Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive?  He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead!"

Praise God.  
Empty! The tomb is empty.  
He is risen from the dead!


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