I want it!

I play a game with my grandkids where we hide a small toy. Then the first one to find it gets to hide the toy the next time.  Once the toy is hidden again, we hear the call to come, whoever is playing the game just about tramples over each other to return to the hunt.  

It's just a simple little toy, but the pursuit to find it is strangely powerful.  There is an urgency on the faces of my young grandchildren as they search the area for the prize.    

This little game brings to mind a verse in Proverbs 21:21. (The Message Bible)

“Whoever goes hunting for what is right and kind finds life itself--glorious life!"  

No one could or would debate that beautiful rewards will be found in the lives of those who choose to passionately pursue what is right and kind. 

I think, when looking at this scripture, where many fall short is in the actual hunt or pursuit.  The hunt may require us to set aside our own agenda, even our personal biases and points of view as we pursue what is right and kind.  Maybe our hunt will require us to keep our opinion to ourselves or let our actions push past our own hurts to show kindness to another who may be hurting too.  

Hunting for what is right and kind, seem incomparable to the silly game I play with my grandkids, but when I see the determination on the faces of these little people while they are in pursuit of that hidden toy, I have to be honest with you, they want it.  They REALLY want it.  

It makes me wonder, how badly do I want to purse righteousness and love?  What am I willing to do to capture the prize?    

When you choose to pursue something passionately, you must be impressed with it's worth.  

Am I impressed with it's worth?

“Whoever goes hunting for what is right and kind finds life itself--glorious life!" 

I want it!  I REALLY want it!  

Do you?


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