"This charger isn't plugged in!"

We have cell phone chargers placed in strategic locations all over our house.  This is a necessity with four adults and two kids living under one roof all using devices that need to be charged. 

The other day, I plugged in my cell phone to charge it at my favorite location--the end table in the living room.  A few hours later, I returned to see if the phone had reached 100%, but before I picked up my phone, I accidentally knocked something off the back of the end table.  As I moved the table out from the wall to retrieve what had fallen, I was surprised to see that the plug for my charger was lying on the floor.  Someone had knocked it out of the wall. 

I said out loud in disgust, "This charger isn't plugged in!"  
I plugged the charger back into the socket without checking the battery life on my phone.   Since it wasn't connected to a power source, I knew it was still depleted.  I thought I'd done the right thing by connecting my phone to the charging cord, but I didn't notice behind the end table the plug was disengaged.  

In my spiritual walk, I’ve experienced something like this, and maybe you have too.  I believe I'm doing everything right.  I'm plugged into my source to draw a steady flow of spiritual power while I'm going full throttle engaged in ministry, but what if that plug is really just lying on the floor hidden behind the table.  

Yes, it can happen!  And when it does, don't fret.  We're in good company.  Jesus also recognized that ministry is a battery zapper.  When ministry was going great and miracles were happening, He withdraw from the crowds to plug into His source.  When he pushed away from the shore, it was to reconnect with the Father.    

My personality understands how easy it is to be busy about the work of the Lord, then suddenly there's a bump in the road.  I realize by my own reaction that maybe, just maybe, I've been connected to a powerless cord.   In reality, my spiritual battery isn’t being charged but dropping dangerously low because I've forgotten my first calling which happens to be the only thing that can recharge a depleted spiritual battery.

In Mark 3:14 the source of our power is clearly revealed.  

And he ordained twelve, 
that they should be with him
and that he might send them forth to preach...

I've heard my husband preach many times from this passage of scripture, and his words still ring in my heart. 
First, we are called to be with Him, then go out and preach!”

Lord, help me be sensitive to know when my connection with you has been interrupted.  I know that even good things can keep me from my first calling...to be with You.  Help me remember that time spent with You is the only way to recharge my spiritual battery.  Without plugging into You, I will eventually become ineffective and unable to do what You called me to do.

Today, you may want to take a moment and follow the cord of your life to be sure...you’re connected.  


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