To Be Held

Our 15-month old grandson loves to be held.  When he's on the other side of one of the many baby gates in our house, I'll hear a sweet little voice call out to me, "Hi."

He will repeat his greeting to me over and over until I connect with him.  Then he will extend his arms to me, and I cannot resist his need to be held.

Reaching over the gate, I swoop him up in my arms and he beams with happiness and a sweet sigh of contentment escapes his lips.  To be perfectly honest, I'm happy too.

I think one of the simplest act of love expressed to a child is to hold them.  When they fall, we hold them.  When they cry, we hold them. When they are happy, we hold them.  When they are sad, we hold them.  When they are hurt, we hold them.  Holding the hurting, wounded, sad or even happy child is what a good parent does.  A child knows he is safe when held in the arms of his parents.

For some people, Christmas can be a stressful,lonely or difficult time. This year may be a reminder that there is an empty chair at your table.  For others, you may be feeling the pains of estrangement this Christmas.  Whatever the case may be you may be facing a lonely Christmas.  If you find yourself in one of these places, you may need To Be Held.  

In my life, there has been difficult times when I know HE held me.  In my times of need, I can picture my arms extended to my Heavenly Father and His ears open to my, "Hi, Hi, Hi."   And He never fails to response to my need to be held.  

For I am the Lord your God,
the one who takes hold of your right hand,
who says to you, ‘Don’t be afraid, 
I am helping you.’  
Isaiah 41:13 NET

This week, don't allow sadness, hurts, loneliness or even the busyness of life to rob you of your opportunity to be held.  


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