"I don't want that!"

"I don't want that!"

I've thought this phase many times after opening a gift on Christmas morning.  All I could think was how I'd be heading back to the store to stand in a return line! 

 It's bad enough that I didn't get what I wanted, but now I must use my time and energy to return it.  Then adding insult to injury, I don't even get the money back to buy something I want because the store returns the money to the credit card.  Major bummer.

Did I mention that gift giving and receiving is my last, very last, love language?  The cruel joke on me is that I married a #1 Gift Giver!   And, he's sort of a bad gift picker!  Love him!

In my mind, I have said many times...Do you even know me AT ALL?  Okay, I may have said that out loud...more than once.  I love that poor, sweet man, who loves to shower gifts on my stone, cold heart.

Get ready to gasp, because I'm about to tell you the most horrific Christmas story EVER!  It's the time I throw his gift on the floor.

Yes, I did.

 In my defense, we had agreed that we would not be exchanging presents that year because of a special trip.  But guess what?  On Christmas morning, he came down the stairs with an arm load of gifts and a big happy smile.  He was speaking his love language loud and clear, BUT, I couldn't hear him.  I had nothing for him because I took the whole, "no gifts" thing literally.

It was not a happy Christmas morning as I cried while I angrily opened gifts and complained that I had nothing for him.  The first gift was a full-body cozy blanket thing with sleeves that zips up the front.  That goofy blanket thing triggered something in my overheated body and I throw the package on the floor and said...maybe yelled, "I don't want that!"

That was a long time ago, but I still can see his pain.  Since then, I've tried so hard to be accepting of his gifts.  Can you believe, he is still bringing me gifts?  (I just returned three things last month that he bought me for my birthday.)  Lord, bless his generous heart!

In all honesty, I am learning to be a better giver and receiver!  And I will never again believe him when he says, “no presents.” 

A few days ago, we all celebrated the biggest gift giving day of the year, and it's also the day we celebrate the greatest gift ever given.  God's gift to us, Jesus.  I think God's love language may be Gift Giving too because he has so many gifts available to whosoever will.  The gift of salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, peace, provision,  protection, joy, love, and forgiveness...just to name a few.

In 1 Peter 4:10, there is a simple verse that says so much about how God entrusts His many gifts to us.

 Each of you as a good manager 
must use the gift that God has given you 
to serve others.

What?  No returns!  I have to use it and serve others.  I guess I won't be saying, "I don't want that!" to God.

This verse tells us that not only do we have to keep the gifts God gives us, but we MUST use them.  And not for ourselves, but they are meant to serve others.

When you’re returning all the “I don’t want that,” gifts this year, remember, if you're willing to accept His gifts, He has so much more to give you.


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