Moving in the Right Direction

In October, my granddaughter's first grade class took a field trip to Potter's Zoo in Lansing, Michigan.  This zoo is about an hour drive from her school.  The kids, parents and teachers were all happy and excited to finally be on their way.  They were scheduled to go the week before, but the trip was canceled due to a "chance of rain."  Of course, the day of the actual trip, it was colder and rainier than it would have been the week before.  It's Michigan...enough said!

The school decided to push ahead in spite of the weather and off they went to the Lansing Zoo.  The bus was on the move.  I know you're thinking it so I'll go ahead and say it...the wheels on the bus went round and round...on the wet pavement, on their way to Lansing.

About 40-minutes into the one hour trip the bus rolled to a the Saginaw Zoo.  Oopps!  This zoo was closed for the season.  After some heartfelt apologizes and lots of sighs, they pressed on and finally made it to their destination.

This little story got me thinking that movement doesn't always mean productivity.  In fact, if you are moving in the wrong direction it can be counter productive.  For example, the Children of Israel moved for 40 years in the desert, while a whole generation lost out on seeing the Promise Land.  Lots of movement, but no productivity.  Then in Jeremiah there is a verse directed at the tribe of Judah.  They were so stubborn and determined to go the wrong way that the Prophet Jeremiah recorded these words.

Jeremiah 8:4-5 Message Bible

“‘Do people fall down and not get up?
    Or take the wrong road and then just keep going?
So why does this people go backward,
    and just keep on going—backward!
They stubbornly hold on to their illusions,
    refuse to change direction."

How destructive my granddaughter's zoo experience would have been, if the driver refused to change directions.  Yet, in our spiritual journey we do things similarly when we clearly see the road markers and continue in the wrong direction.  

I know in my own life, I'm a fast mover and can misinterpret movement for productivity missing the markers along the way.  I have to remind myself to slow down, pay attention and sometimes I need to change direction as I endeavor to maneuver through life in a productive way for the Kingdom.    

Help me Lord, to move in the right direction, not just move for the sack of movement!


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