The Baby Gate

My house is loaded with baby gates.  These gates are at every staircase and dangerous doorway in our house.  These baby gates have an important function.  They are there to protect the baby from harm.

The reason our house is loaded with baby gates is because we have house guests for a year and one of  our guests is a new walker.  (The picture is of our actual house guest.)  At the writing of this devotion, I'm proud to say that we have not had any tumbles down the stairs.

There is a problem with the baby gates.  I have seen a number of funny Facebook videos of toddlers scaling baby gates like soldiers readying for war.  I have also seen babies capable of pushing down a baby gate, as well as the brilliant little ones whose tiny hands figure out how to unlatch a locked gate.

There is a scripture that speaks to an adult situation that is similar to these baby gate escape artists.  It's found in Psalm 141:3 (GW)

O Lord, set a guard at my mouth.  Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Every time I read this scripture, I'm reminded of the times I've shoved pass the guard at the door of my mouth and allowed my words to fly without restraint.  I ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit and did as I pleased.  I don't know about you, but for me when this happens, it never ends well.  If only babies would heeded the gate that is there to protect them, but they don't.

And neither do we.

Maybe someone reading this has had a recent experience pushing down the gate or possibly, you were the recipient of someone's stinging words.  Whatever the case, the guard has a purpose just like the baby gate.  It's there to protect.

The Lord is willing to be the guard at the door of your mouth, if you let Him.  Don't push down the Baby Gate.


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