Dirty Filter

It's that time again.  The changing of the furnace filter.  I've known for over a month that the filter needed to be changed, but I couldn't remember the size.  So day after day, week after week, the dirt would get thicker and thicker hindering the filter from doing its job.

Finally, I put the size in my phone so I'd have it with me at all times.  Still, I have not bought a new filter.  You may wonder why.  The truth is having the correct information and acting on it are two different things.

This whole furnace filter debacle caused me to think of my own life.  It was years ago in a counseling format that I first heard the word "filter."  It was used to describe how people hear things.  If the information comes to them through a dirty filter, usually due to life experiences, then it's anybody's guess what the person may actually hear.  Even if every word you are saying to help them is awesome, wisdom from on high and amazing, they simple can't hear a word because of a clogged up dirty filter.

So, that said, I found this Pinterest worthy filter cleaning miracle in Ezekiel 36:25-28 (TLB).  

"Then it will be as though I had sprinkled clean water on you, for you will be clean—your filthiness will be washed away...And I will give you a new heart—I will give you new and right desires—and put a new spirit within you. I will take out your stony hearts of sin and give you new hearts of love.  And I will put my Spirit within you so that you will obey my laws and do whatever I command...And you shall be my people, and I will be your God."

I'm pinning that one.  (For all non Pinterest users you won't get the humor in that last remark.)  That verse is a miraculous filter cleaning promise; new heart, right desires, new spirit, heart of love, indwelling of the spirit,  What more could a person ask for?  Oh, yes, one more thing, filters need to be maintained. So you may want to revisit Ezekiel 36:25-28 on a regular basis.

Gotta go.

I have a dirty filter that needs to be replaced with a new one--clean and fresh, ready to filter out the dirt.  I think I'll buy a bunch of filters because filters need to be changed often!



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