Pursue Me

I got me a winner!
It's not too late to stop reading.  You are about to enter the embarrassing Beverly Roberts Story Zone.  You've been warned.  


When I was 15 years old, I threw all decorum to the wind and decided to pursue a young man at church who caught my eye.  I was relentless.  I actually climbed over people to sit in the empty seat next to him at church.  

He didn't even know me...yet!  

I watched him from afar for awhile and then decided.  He was the one.   Looking back, it is highly embarrassing.  I would gaze down from the choir loft directly at my intended target.  If by chance we made eye contacted, I'd flash him my brightest one-dimple smile.   If he was talking to his friends after church, and happened to turn around, there I was with a big goofy smile.      

I'm dying right now!

Okay...let's not drag out my humiliation any further.  Here's the happy ending:  my persistence finally paid off.  He noticed me, liked me and married me.  

I'm embarrassed now at how bold I was in my purist, but in reality, I knew what I wanted.

That word "pursue" is a strong word.  It means to follow in order to overtake.  The purser is someone who is determined to follow, not giving up, keeping their eye on the prize.    

In Psalms 23:6 in the NLT version. The word pursue caught my attention.   

Surely your goodness and unfailing love 
will pursue me all the days of my life, 
and I will live in the house of the LORD forever. 

Wow!  What an amazing promise, and it's so easily overlooked...unless you really understand what it means when you read "pursue me."  God's goodness and love is following me in order to overtake me.  It is determined...not giving up...always watching.

Here's how I understand it.  The Lord's goodness and love is climbing over people to sit by me.  If I turn around...it's there watching me.  It's always waiting for that moment when eye contact is made.   Hoping to draw me into relationship.  Jesus loves me and wants me to be His Bride.  

I think I'll slow down a bit today, and let HIM catch me.


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