The List

I like making lists.  Occasionally, I've been known to write things on my to-do-list that I've actually completed because I take great satisfaction in the completion of a task and not so much in the doing.  Remember The Suit (5-3-17).

There's not much better in life than placing that check mark by a completed task then drawing a line through the words signifying job done...It's oh-so-sweet.

Just so happens that God also has a list, but His is the opposite of mine.   I'm trying desperately to remove items from my list and God is constantly adding to His.

Yes...God has a list. It's not a take the garbage out, send thank you notes or wash down the cupboard doors kind-a-list.  God's list is the A-List.  The one everyone wants to be on and truth be's rather easy to get on God's List.

1 John 5:11-12 gives it to us plain and simple...God gave us eternal life; the life is in his Son. So, whoever has the Son, has life; whoever rejects the Son, rejects life.

To be on God's list I need only choose Jesus, and if I reject Him then I choose not to be on God's List and  I reject life.  Well that certainly is simple. 

My List

Choose Jesus

 Done!  Now that feels GOOD!



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