Love is a Choice

On a few occasions when my husband and I have been on a cruise, our stateroom has been credited money $$$ for on-board shopping.

Every time the stores on the ship were open, I would look through the merchandise searching for the best thing to purchase with my FREE MONEY.  For me this shopping experience was not a joyous occasion.  No, I labored over what to buy carrying the heavy weight of making the best use of that FREE MONEY. 

I'd pick things up then put them back.  What if I chose wrong?  What if I later regretted my choice?   I was tormented.  For days I shopped but wasn't able to pull the trigger on a purchase...with FREE MONEY!  I know...I may need counseling.  

This problem I have making a choice is not just related to shopping, but also people.

Confession:  I don't find everyone I meet...lovable. 

Recently, I was lamenting about someone to my husband, and he reminded me of this simple truth...Love is a Choice.  Right, a choice...and we have already established the fact that I have a hard time making a choice.

I was really hoping he would just jump on board and agree with me about the person I had taken issue with, but he didn't.

Nope.  He just threw out there Love is a Choice.   As soon as he said those words my heart was convicted.

Love is a Choice is not a new revelation to me, but one I needed to be reminded of. 

God spoke these words from Jeremiah 3:12 (MSG) about Israel...and we all know Israel could be unlovable at times! None the less...God said,

"...I’m committed in love to you..."

God has no problem making His choice.   He chose Israel and He chooses us in all our unlovable ways.

This week you may be dealing with someone who is rough around the edges, has inflicted pain on you or is dog-gone irritating.

Just like me..maybe you need this reminder today. 

Love is a Choice and in case you're not sure that choosing love is the right choice for you, remember these words... 

"...I’m committed in love to you..."  --God


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