Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Quiet Please

Most of the time, I'm pretty level-headed.  But, when I get nervous things usually go one of two ways; rapid talking or silent observing.  Of these two, the scenario that holds the most regret is the rapid talking.  
When I'm in one of those non-stop, nervous talking modes things are fresh and fluid without proper processing.  The next person that walks in the room may hear all my unfiltered issues come flying out like a bursting dam.    
Then later, when I've had time to process I'll think, what's the matter with me?  Why can't I be quiet? 

I scold myself, Take a breath.  Be a listener.  Be quiet for a minute! 
I've said things similar to these to the preschoolers I teach.  And here I am an adult...completely relating to my impulsive little friends trying so hard to be good listeners, but the words just come bursting forth. 
James 1:19 is God's way of reminding us...Quiet Please!
Remember this, my dear brothers and sisters: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and should not get angry easily.  

We expect those around us to be listeners, but in reality we are not.  And by we...I mean me!

This week you may have to remind yourself as I do my preschoolers, "It's listening time."  

"Quiet Please!"  Is a reminder we all need.  

 What more can I say? 

I guess I'll be quiet now!

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