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Clean Enough

I hate it when I'm sick.  I sit in a chair all day and watch HGTV or Hallmark movies until my brain goes numb.  There is no cooking, cleaning or showering going on during these times.  The last time I wasn't feeling well, I sat in my chair and looked at the so-so clean house and said, "It's clean enough."  As the words came out of my mouth, my heart was quickened by the Holy Spirit... clean enough. That's an interesting concept... clean enough .   When I was growing up my mom had a plaque on the wall that read... My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. I loved that motto because it was freeing.  That particular saying set the bar pretty low, and let’s be honest...that's where we like it.  There is no effort on our part to step over a low bar unlike a high bar which requires effort and preparation. Clean Enough may be interpreted differently by each of us.  My clean may not be your clean AND

I Love You

As a parent, I remember when my children were young and discipline was necessary, I occasionally showed my disapproval to the offender with stern words or... wait for it ....a spanking.  Yes, I was one of those kind of parents.  That said, I want to go on record and say...discipline is a necessary part of proper development.  But come on grandchildren really need to be disciplined?  Is that really necessary? Not so long ago, I watched as a grandchild was being corrected.  That little fella's face was downcast under the weight of his wrong doing.  He looked in the eyes of his mother while she spoke softly but firmly.  Then it happened...mid-way through the reprimand my grandson threw his arms around his mother's neck and in a broken voice said, "I love you." I watched this play out from my seat across the room.  My heart melted into a pile of mush thinking it's all over now.  The corner of my mouth turned upward and I relaxed thinking.

Rough Water

In March while on a cruise in the Caribbean with my husband, I woke up and looked out my stateroom window at some very rough water.  (actual photo from our cabin window) Over the past twenty years, I have been on a number of cruises.  Some of these cruises were smooth while others were not.  On this particular morning, I gazed out at the choppy water--unafraid.  I was secure in the knowledge I was safe inside my cabin.  I felt peace, contentment and gratitude that I was not being tossed on the waves just a few feet from where I stood. The Bible tells the story of the first ever cruise.  This cruise line was not a luxury liner like the one I was on.  It was simply called The Ark .  The second-in-command was a righteous man named Noah.  (We all know who was really in charge aboard The Ark.)   Noah and shipmates were on one of those extended trips lasting months--not days.  His accommodations were far more rustic than mine.  Still, the truth of being secure aboard his ship remain

Quiet Please

Most of the time, I'm pretty level-headed.  But, when I get nervous things usually go one of two ways; rapid talking or silent observing.  Of these two, the scenario that holds the most regret is the rapid talking.   When I'm in one of those non-stop, nervous talking modes things are fresh and fluid without proper processing.  The next person that walks in the room may hear all my unfiltered issues come flying out like a bursting dam.     Then later, when I've had time to process I'll think, what's the matter with me?  Why can't I be quiet?  I scold myself, Take a breath.  Be a listener.  Be quiet for a minute!  I've said things similar to these to the preschoolers I teach.  And here I am an adult...completely relating to my impulsive little friends trying so hard to be good listeners, but the words just come bursting forth.  James 1:19 is God's way of reminding us... Quiet Please! Remember this, my dear brothers and sisters: Everyone sh