Who's the Artist?

A beautiful work of art recently showed up on the closet door in our guest room/office.  As you can see, in the attached pictures, it's a masterful rendition in red ink.  I messaged a picture of the sketch to my daughter asking if she recognized the artist's handiwork.  

She shot me back a text with at least three of those Emoji's--you know the ones...crying from laughter.   She let me know that none of her three artist were laying claim to the masterpiece. The daughter went on to say that the only one whose style was close to this gallery worthy art, usually signed all her work.  Her bedroom walls prove this statement true.

My girl then suggested that maybe her father was the artist.  She suggested that it looked like an attempt at a self portrait...and there were some obvious similarities with the way my husband combs his hair.

The husband wouldn't claim the masterpiece either.

I just wish the artist would have done it on paper, because I would have framed it.  As it is, I can not wash it away or cover it with paint because I love it.  I sit at my computer daily and look to my right to see the beautiful picture.  It makes me smile.

This artwork reminds me of another artist.  This artist had no problem taking credit for his creation.  His work doesn't hang in museums, no awards were given to him for his skill or creativity.  No tour groups pass by in awe of his work, yet this artist is willing to take credit for all of it--each individual piece to him is beautiful.  The creator looks at the work of His hands and says, "It's good, and I have a purpose and a plan for you."

Ephesians 2:10 (NIV) says this, "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

The little "portrait in red ink" no one would take credit for--but God wants the world to know that he's willing to lay claim to His creation--He want's to sign each piece by writing His name on our hearts.   

I know this for a fact because...I'm an autographed copy of His handiwork.  And I know the artist--personally!


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