Looking Up

While driving home a few weeks ago, I looked up and saw a small patch of blue sky poking through an otherwise gray Michigan skyline. (actual photo) The contrast between these two colors drew my eyes upward.  The beauty of that little patch of blue against the vast grayness amazed me.

I'm not a meteorologist, so I won't try and give any scientific explanation for what I say...yawn fest. I only know that on this day, one little piece of sky was a beautiful reminder that even when 99% of everything around me is gray--it won't be that way forever.

How do I know?  I looked up and got a little peak of what's on the other side.   

Psalm 5:3 says, My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.

You may be feeling like your personal problems seem dark and are closing in on you like the gray Michigan skyline, but don't give-up...don't go to the dark-side.

Here's a piece of great advice--look up!  Blue skies are coming! 


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