Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The New Year's Challenge

2017 is days away, have you you're going to change the world this year?  It's time for the  New Year's Challenge!   

I may...or may not be challenging myself.  After all, I've never been one to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  In fact, in high school I only chose classes that I knew I could ace.  I was number 25 in my class of 303 students.  If you're a math wiz you will figure out quickly that I was in the top 10% of my class.  

I'm sure student #26 would have been peeved, if he compared his class schedule to mine--swimming, creative writing, listening and discussion, independent reading, typing, band, cooking, family finance...I think you get the picture.  It was more important for me to do well at what I did--than push myself beyond my comfort zone.  

That's part of the reason I dislike the whole New Year's resolution thing.  We are being challenged to do more, push ourselves, committee to stuff we probably won't ace.  I know...I sound lazy or a bit of a perfectionist...either way...New Year's seems a little pushy if you ask me.  Expecting me to challenge myself to be better...  

Then...two years husband preached a message the first Sunday of the New Year.  He made this statement:    If you can do it in your own strength, without partnering with God, then it’s not really much of a challenge. 

Ouch!  Now that was unnecessary!  Then he went on to challenged the congregation in three areas:
·         A Personal Challenge
·         A Spiritual Challenge
·         A Family Challenge

After this message...I don't know what came over me...I never listen to him.  (Kidding..maybe!) 

So, I took The New Year's Challenge.   I finished writing a Christian Fiction book I'd played around with for yearsI know...crazy right.  REMEMBER: If you can do it in your own strength, without partnering with God, then it’s not really much of a challenge.  

There is no possible way I could have written a book without partnering with God.  Hillbrooke New Beginnings is a testimony of my partnership with God in 2015/16.  

In Phil. 4:13 the BIBLE SAYS this:  "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

2017 will be gone before you know it.  Do it--take The New Year's Challenge and partner with God.


  1. Bev- This is a little "strange". I just made myself get up and do a few things to clean some things around the house...and then I read your devotional. All while scrubbing sinks and wiping counters, I kept saying "OK me with this" and He did. I couldn't have finished it if he wasn't there to help me. I am so thankful for Him being there. Then I read your devotional. Hit it right on the head! I needed Him to help me. I couldn't do it on my own. Even something so simple I needed Him. I've missed a few devotions and have made a "resolution" to read them ALL. They are so inspirational. Just wanted to share that with you and whoever. Hope it helps "someone" in their walk with Him.


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