While working in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning, I heard one of the grandkids cry out. I left my Thanksgiving preparations in a hurry to check on the afflicted one.

As I rounded the corner into the living room, I came face to face with an obstacle course of toys separating me from the wounded.  (actual photo)

We have a kid-friendly, family room for all these obstacles (toys), but one by one the grandkids bring them upstairs and skillfully place them in the high traffic areas. They are so talented.  What can I say?

I spotted the crying grandchild across the room and made the split second decision to maneuver through the toys to comfort him. (A bit dramatic, but I'm making a point--People!)  I scooped him up in my arms and after a few minutes of hugs, he was ready to get back in the game. 

While passing back through the toys to the kitchen, my heart was quickened with the thought of obstacles.  They block us, slow us down, make our way difficult...but this determined Grandma had no trouble getting past each wooden block and sharp-edged game piece hiding in the carpet.

I moved with the grace of a high hurdler when I heard my grandchild cry out.  (Maybe more like an elephant balancing on a high wire.)  Good luck getting that picture out of your head!

As I worked my way back through the toys on my way to the kitchen, I thought of another who overcome obstacles to get to me.  He left a place of honor to become a lowly baby.  His obstacles looked something like this:

  • The womb of a virgin 
  • Death threats
  • Lowly beginnings
  • Temptation 
  • Judgemental bullies 
  • His chosen team bickering and deceitful
  • Mocked
  • Beaten, beard plucked out, and crown of thrones pressed into his brow
  • He suffered a cruel death on the Cross--and he pressed on through it all for one reason!  
Why would he bother?

Why not just give up?

Because of His great love.  When we cry out to Him--He, with the skill and grace of a high hurdler maneuvering  all obstacle in His path to get to us.

Here is what the Song of Solomon says in 2:8-10 (The Message)

Look! Listen! There’s my lover!
    Do you see him coming?
Vaulting the mountains,
    leaping the hills.
My lover is like a gazelle, graceful;
    like a young stag, virile.
Look at him there, on tiptoe at the gate,
    all ears, all eyes—ready!
My lover has arrived
    and he’s speaking to me!

There are no obstacles so great--the Lord wouldn't leap over them ALL to get to YOU!


  1. Great one! Made me cry at the thought of how much he did to get to me. TY Jesus


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