What are you watering?

I mowed the grass about five times over a ten week period this summer.  (2016) I'm not sharing that bit of information because I'm lazy but because it was so dry and hot that the grass just didn't seem to grow much.  That was fine with me because in my yard it's survival of the fittest.  Now that fall has arrived, it is obvious which plants were able to survive my neglect and which ones weren't.

There are five---five dead arborvitae trees in my back yard.  They are a beautiful fall rust color, but they should be green.  It's a stark reminder that what you water will grow--what you neglect will die. 

I knew that they needed more water.  It was an extremely hot and dry summer, but I didn't want to put in the discipline needed to keep them alive.  The result--5-dead trees.

Confession:  This isn't my first attempt at growing these trees--it's my second year trying to grow trees in the very same spot.  Twice I hauled trees to our yard.  Twice I dug the holes and planted the trees, and now--twice I will dig them up.

I hate when I don't learn my lesson the first time.

Every time I look at these dead trees, I'm reminded of the spiritual truth of this sad story.   

What a person waters will grow and what a person neglects will die!

Water hate=Grow hate
Water love=Grow love
Water jealousy=Grow jealousy
Water kindness=Grow kindness
Water worldly desires=Grow away from God
Water Spiritual things=Grow closer to God

Here is what God's Word says will happen when we allow our roots to draw water from Him.

Blessed is the person who trusts the Lord.
    The Lord will be his confidence.
He will be like a tree that is planted by water.
    It will send its roots down to a stream.
    It will not be afraid in the heat of summer.
        Its leaves will turn green.
    It will not be anxious during droughts.
        It will not stop producing fruit.
 Jeremiah 17:7 (GW)

God's a better gardener than I am, but I still play a part.  My part is to put my hope and trust in HIM and water the good things in my life not the bad.  Then He will grow me sending my roots deep into streams of living water--sheltering me from the heat of the sun, making me a productive person--one whose not afraid.

What are you watering?


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