The hand-print on the glass door caught my attention.  I've seen hand prints on these doors before, but this time as I walked down the church hallway my eyes were drawn to the glistening imprint on the exterior church doors. On closer examination, the door was spotted with fingerprints of all sizes.  Above the door bar there were adult hand-prints and under the door bar, there were tiny hand-prints.
I thought of all the little people who had been at church that day and left behind their calling cards.

When our first grandchild was 15 months old, she came for a visit.  On this particular visit, she was old enough to explore about every inch of the house.  She left her tiny calling card on the doors, windows, the bathroom mirror and various walls.  But one place she touched became precious to me.  In the dinning room there was a perfect little hand-print on the glass door of the grandfather clock. 

That day in the church hallway, the memory of my granddaughter's hand-print came back to me reminding me of another precious hand--one that is marked for all eternity.

In Isaiah 49:16 (GW) God's Word tells us how He feels about us.  "See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me."

After my granddaughter's visit, all the other hand-prints were washed away, but that cherished little hand-print on the grandfather clock made the cut and stayed untouched for a long time.  It was my reminder of a precious little granddaughter named Grace.

God has inscribed my name on the palm of His hand.  To inscribed--signifies something that is permanence. He will never forget His children.  He sees me and He sees you--forever our fingerprint, our calling card, our name is there--etched on his hand--never to be wiped away--never to be forgotten.  


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