Bottom Dollar

Our son, all grown up!
When our eldest son was in kindergarten, he came home from school and told me that his class watched a movie.

I responded, "Did you like it?"

He confessed, "Well, there was a bad word in the movie." 

I immediately was ready to call the school.  The words formed in my head--how dare they show that kind of movie to my child!  Heads will roll!

I took a breath, calmed down a bit and decided instead to press my son for a few more details.  I asked, "What was the bad word?"

He began to sing this song, "The sun 'll come out tomorrow bet your..." He stopped and whispered the next word "...bottom..."  Then he started back at his regular volume and finished the song.  "...dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun."

The movie was Annie.

This happened when our boys were  6 and 4.  It was those years when the sound of bodily functions send boys and minions into fits of roaring laughter. 

In our home it became necessary to remove a few trigger words from the boys vocabulary.  I don't remember why now, but Bottom was one of those trigger words.

This little story happened 32 years ago, but I still remember it as if it happened yesterday.  There were a few things in this story that I found interesting.  First, that my child actually remembered something I taught him.  Second, he actually told me the truth.  And third, how quickly I was ready to react to the information before getting all the facts...annnnnd there's the stinger!

I wish I could say that 32 years ago I closed the book on this particular flaw,  but if you bet your "bottom dollar" on'd lose!  I am still a work in progress.

Philippians 1:6 (LB) says this:  "I am sure that God who began the good work within (me) you will keep right on helping (me) you grow in his grace until his task within (me) you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns."

God is helping me grow in His grace and will continue to help me all the way to the end of my race.  Now that's a truth worth betting your Bottom Dollar on!



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