Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Place At the Table

Fifty years ago when a mother called, "Time to eat!"

Everyone came running to the table.

Remember that?  People eating around a table, talking about their day, being trained in conversation and manners.

When our children were growing up, we did the traditional--sitting together around the table.  During those formative years, our table was a place of instruction, laughing and sometimes tears.  We prayed, told stories and met with friends and family--all around the table.

The years quickly passed and one by one our children left our table to establish family tables of their own.

We as the family of God gather together at His table--Communion.  It's a place to bring His family together around the table and remember all Christ did for us through His body and blood.

If you are feeling alone...disconnected...longing for family...I have some great advice:  be faithful to church--your family awaits you, also make a place at your table.  Don't hide behind excuses...God made a place for you--now you go make a place for someone!

Christ is the perfect picture of hospitality and His sacrifice gave you--a place at the table.   

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