It Doesn't Fit

The pieces seemed a lot darker when I was making it!
A few weeks ago, I finally decided to put together this puzzle I've had for almost two years.  I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to puzzles.  So, I know when I start one it will consume me until it is completed.  I also pride myself in putting them together pretty fast, but not this time.

This one nearly beat me.

Twice, I almost collected the half put together creation and dumped it all back in the box.  I'm telling you the truth, 70% of the pieces were black or nearly black. 

I would get fed up and walk away only to be drawn back to the puzzle a few hours later.  There was this one piece that I picked up over and over again and tried to fit it in what seemed to be the most obvious place--but it didn't fit. The size was right and the colors matched but the piece wouldn't fit.    It was beyond frustrating. 

WHY?  Why do I work these crazy puzzles?

Here's why...because when that one piece finally slides into to place--it is oh-so-satisfying. 

Maybe puzzles aren't your thing--but we all love when something fits:
  • Good fitting shoes
  • Good fitting clothes
  • Good fitting job
  • Good fitting friends
  • Good fitting family
  • Good fitting church
  • Good fitting ministry
  • All bliss!

In I Samuel 17, David understood the concept of things that didn't fit.  He tried to wear Saul's armor--but it didn't fit, however, just because it didn't fit--he didn't quit.  Not David, he worked out the problem and accomplished an awesome feat that day. 

I Samuel 17:38-40 (CEV) say this:
 Saul had his own military clothes and armor put on David, and he gave David a bronze helmet to wear. David strapped on a sword and tried to walk around,
but he was not used to wearing those things.
“I can’t move with all this stuff on,” David said. “I’m just not used to it.”
David took off the armor and picked up his shepherd’s stick. 
He went out to a stream and picked up five smooth rocks and put them in his leather bag. 
Then with his sling in his hand, he went straight toward Goliath.

Everything in me wanted to chuck that puzzle about the fifth time I tried to fit the same piece in the same opening without success, but I plugged away at it.  And I finished the task.

I finished it! 
This week, if it feels like things don't fit--don't give up.  Don't quit.  Don't say, "I'm finished with this."

God may be trying to teach you a lesson in perseverance or trust.  He may be putting you in place to be a giant-slayer.

Keep at it--even when it doesn't fit--there are lessons to learn.


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