Dry Ground

Sad to say this dry ground is my garden.
We've had little rain this past month. (July 2016) However, the last few days of July we finally had some significant rainfall.  It poured like a flood from the sky and drenched everything and everyone in it's path.

The rain got me thinking about three things.  First, the rains that come fast.  It pours with so much force that the ground resits.  There isn't time for the water to penetrate into the soil and nourish the roots.  It usually will run off and puddle at the lowest place.

Then there is the rains that come slowly--gently saturating into the deep places--steady and consistent. This is the rains that dry ground longs for.  This type of ground needs to be soften before it's able to accept all the good things that rain has to offer.   

Spiritually speaking, I've known all three of these in my life.
  • Experiences that were fast moving but short lived
  • Experiences that were gentle, lingering and saturating deep to the core
  • And the dreaded dry ground experiences
When I'm in a dry ground season of life I try to remember this--it's that long lingering in the presence of the Lord that will slowly, gently penetrate to the depth of my problem. 

Isaiah 58:11 in the (GW) translation says this:   
The Lord will continually guide you
    and satisfy you even in sun-baked places.
He will strengthen your bones.
    You will become like a watered garden
        and like a spring whose water does not stop flowing.

Next time your day is dark and gloomy with a drizzling rain be reminded of the slow penetrating work of the Spirit that softens dry ground.  The presence of the Lord will satisfy even the sun-baked places and strengthen you.  Making you like a watered garden--like a spring that doesn't stop.  Don't be quick to leave the presence of the Lord enjoy the gentle rain of the Spirit.   It will produce good results.


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