A Little Piece of Me Died Today

A little piece of me died today.  Imagine reading those words on your friends Facebook page.  You would immediately be concerned, worried and feel the need to comment--maybe even want to fix the problem.

The FB comments may look something like this:     

Jane:  Hugs--my friend.

John:  Thinking of you.

Mary:  Praying for you.

Cindy: What's going on? :(  PM me. 

We would automatically assume the worst...this is bad.  After all death is terrible, it's the end of something.  No Mulligans, no do overs, no..."sorry 'bout that."  It's final.

Well, I'm happy to announce, a little piece of me died today, and it was a good thing.

It was pride, selfishness, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy,  you fill in the blank.  It might be any number of sin issues.

Colossians 3:5 (GW)  says this,  "Therefore, put to death whatever is worldly in you..." 

Once you surrender your life to the Lord, it's time to put some stuff to death--let it die already! 

Jesus paid the supreme sacrifice by His own death, and the shedding of His blood.  Now, I am able to proclaim--Thank you Lord Jesus, because--a little piece of me died today


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