When I Knew It Was Love

September 6, 1975

The beginning of my senior year in high school, I said—goodbye to a very special boyfriend who was leaving for another year of Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota.  We wouldn’t see each other until Christmas.   

This was nothing new—we’d done the goodbye thing before.  This was his 2nd year of college.  However, this time something had changed.  There was an emptiness I felt, that I hadn’t experienced before.   

The next day I went to school and then to work.  The cute guy in the photo was never far from my thoughts.  While at work, during a break, I took out pen and paper and began writing a letter (remember those).  

A few lines into that letter something happened.  I had never felt anything like it before.  I stopped writing, my thoughts turned to (my now husband), I felt a little pricking in the area of my heart.  It wasn’t exactly painful, but different.  Then a sudden loss swept over me at the realization of separation from the one—I just realized I LOVED!  

I’d said the words to him before, “I love you.”  And I believed that I did love him, but now I knew.  This was the day when I knew it was love.  I remembered his kindness, his commitment to serve the Lord and I wanted to be where he was.  

I never would have guessed that just one year later we would be making a commitment to live out our lives together as man and wife.  That was over 40 years ago.

Guess what?  My husband wasn’t my first love.  


There’s another love in my life and I remember when I knew it was love.  The same thing happened.  I wanted to be with Him.  I wanted to feel Him near me.  I wanted to speak my love to Him.  I felt His kindness toward me and I knew it was love.  

Mark 12:30-31 in the Living Bible says this about God’s two most important commandments.  And you must love him with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.  The second is: You must love others as much as yourself.’ No other commandments are greater than these.”

Do you remember when you knew it was love?   


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